Ways to Harmony

Crystals and Reiki

Crystals used during Reiki Healing will help the healing and energy balancing. They will speed up the healing process.
The inherent traits of these crystals are very different from each other. However, they compliment one another and are able to bring forward the desired effect in a Reiki session.

One of the simplest ways to help balance the whole chakra system, is to place a stone of the appropriate colour on each of the seven chakras. This will give each chakra a boost of its own vibration without altering its energies or the overall harmony of the system.


1. Choose a red, brown or black stone to put near the base of the spine or, alternatively, use two red stones of the same sort and rest one near the top of each leg. This deal with the base chakra.

2. For the sacral chakra choose an orange coloured stone to put on the lower abdomen.

3. At the solar plexus use a yellow stone, placed between the navel and the ribcage. If there is tension in this area an energy—shifting stone, like a tiger's eye or a small clear quartz point, can be put at the diaphragm to help release.

4. The heart chakra in the centre of the chest can be balanced with a green stone. A pink stone can be added for emotional clearing.

5. For the throat chakra use a light blue stone . Place it at the base of the throat, at the top of the breastbone.

6. An indigo or dark blue stone is normally used to balance the brow chakra in the centre of the forehead. Amethyst or another purple stone can be used here.

7. The stone for the crown chakra rests just above the top of the head. If you have chosen an amethyst for the brow, use a clear quartz at the crown. If you used a dark blue stone at the brow you can use violet stone at the crown.
Reiki Crystal Grids

The Reiki Crystal grids is a pattern made up of sacred shapes. When we align these shapes with gemstones and crystals it creates an energy vortex that can be used for self healing, healing others, self attunement, meditation, prayer, distance healing, affirmations and intentions, re-charging space, and communication with our higher self, planet earth & spirit.

You will need 8 crystals-stones. The type of the stone is your choice. Use whatever stone feels right to you. (I prefer to use quartz crystals) The size of the stone only matters on the amount of space you want to take up with the grid.
Now charge with Reiki the 7 stones.
Place six(6) attuned stones like a six-pointed star, with the points pointing inward.
The seventh (7) charged stone place inside your star with the point going between two of the outer crystals.
The last (8) stone is the Master stone is placed outside the grid, off to the side
Take a picture of yourself and place it in the middle under the central crystal. On the back of the picture, write out positive open ended affirmation.

It is a good idea to place your grid on a piece of stiff cardboard so that you can move it around if needed. Keep your grid in a private sacred place.

You will need to charge your Reiki grid each day to keep it empowered. To do this take the Master Crystal and hold it between your hands. Draw the Distant Symbols over it and any other symbols you are guided to use, such as the Power Symbol or the Master Symbol. Do Reiki on the Master Crystal for five to ten minutes to charge it with Reiki. As you do this you can pray to your guides or angels or other spiritual beings to work with you and to charge the Master Crystal with love and deep healing.

Once the Master Crystal is charged, go to your Reiki grid and use the Master crystal to draw the distant symbol over the Reiki grid. Now point the Master Crystal at the central crystal and begin moving it to one of the outer crystals. Then move it over to the crystal next to it. Move it back to the central crystal again, then back out to the same outer crystal. Then move over one more crystal, then in and out and continue directing the energy of the master crystal in and out and around and around. As you do this, you will be moving in and out, then over one crystal, then in and out, then over one crystal, then in and out, then over, etc. as though you are cutting out pieces of a pie. You will be moving around the Reiki grid as you do this. Move in a counter clockwise direction around the grid. Go around the grid at least eight to ten times.
As you charge your Reiki grid with your Master Crystal say a continuous series of affirmations such as: "I charge this grid with Light, light, light, to heal, heal, heal". You can also add: "I connect this Reiki grid with my highest Spiritual Guides to heal heal heal". Of course you can use your own positive affirmation as well. Once the grid is charged, anyone whose name or picture that you place in the grid will continuously receive distant Reiki. You can place your goals or other situations on a piece of paper and they will be blessed with Reiki as well.
New stones and stones you used need to be cleansed. Cleansing crystals removes unwanted energy and restores them to their original clarity, so it should be carried out each time your crystals are used for healing. If you do not cleanse your stones they will become less effective and may pass on imbalances or energetic static.

SEA SALT: Use dry sea salt in a small container and bury the crystal for 24 hours. Don’t use salt water as this damages softer stones.
SUN AND WATER: Hold the crystals under running water for a minute and then place in the sun to dry.
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